“Cat Goscovitch’s gripping play explores the Russian troll factory that used social media to manipulate the Brexit vote” The Guardian

“Goscovitch’s writing is fantastically energetic, filled with eloquence and fire” The Guardian

Cat Goscovitch is the writer and star of the feature film, The Turtle and The Sea ( 2016) available on Amazon Prime.  Winner of best local picture at the  Birmingham Film Festival and the Buddha Film Festival. The soundtrack is available here. She is the writer of A Russian Doll, directed by Nicholas Kent, which had its world premiere at The Barn in Cirencester and is due to be performed later this year at The Arocola.


She is currently developing a four-part TV series, TRIBE. And a teen horror movie with the renowned director, Tim Fywell. She’s repped by Alan Brodie.

She lives in London with her husband, 34th generation kung fu disciple Shifu Yan Lei, and their nine-year-old daughter.


IMG_1844Formerly known as  Nut, and Katamusic, her music has been released by Sony.

Twitter @catgoscovitch


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Cat, I remember seeing you playing at acoustic nights in 1992 and a gig you did with Billy Rain at the Water Rats. You were amazing! And now I’ve discovered you’re a film maker too.
    Are you doing gigs these days? Would be good to hear your music again x

  2. I discover you throw my teenage about 2000’s as Nut in your album Fantanicity, I enjoyed back then, now 18 years later trying to remember you I almost have not found anything of you only a video on youtube, maybe you could open an acount on youtube and upload your music, I think you were one of the best female singers on the 90’s and maybe you could try to write some new songs, I will definitely buy your new album. lots of love

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